GMM   Research   Corporation   (GMM)   is   a   minority-owned   and   operated   business   located in a Irvine, California. Under   president,   Luis   Taveras,   GMM   has   been   in   business   since   1988   designing   and manufacturing   synchronous   and   asynchronous   communications   cards   legacy   for   ISA computers   and   presently   supporting   customers   with   original      PCI   based   workstation   bus interface. Luis   is   originally   from   the   Dominican   Republic   and   has   an   engineering   degree   from   the Accademy    Of    AeronauticsNew    York    Institute    of    Technology    which    is    now    Vaughn College   of   Aeronautics   and   Technology   (formerly   known   as   the   College   of   Aeronautics, previously   the   Academy   of   Aeronautics   and   founded   as   the   Casey   Jones   School   of Aeronautics)   is   a   private   specialized   aviation   and   engineering   college   located   adjacent to   LaGuardia Airport   in   East   Elmhurst,   Queens,   New York,   United   States.   It   was   founded in   Newark,   New   Jersey   in   1932,   and   moved   to   New   York   City   in   1940.   The   college's most recent name change, to honor a founder, was on September 1, 2004. For   the   past   30   years   GMM   Research   Corp   has   sold   to   government   contractors   and private   sector.      Today   GMM   will   continue   to   provide   technical   support   and   consulting services for its legacy communication products.